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Expert Help For Your Emotional Health

Help for anxiety & depression. Online provider visits, care management, and prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy.

Get Started *First month of care $49

One Plan for
Better Mental Health

Regular assessments, video appointments with your provider, ongoing Care Manager check-ins, and prescriptions sent to your local pharmacy are all included in the price of your subscription.

Get Started *First month of care $49
First Month $49
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How Mind Nest Works

    Getting Started

  • 1. Fill out a short online form

    Just a few short questions to help us understand your symptoms.

  • 2. Meet your Care Manager

    Your Care Manager supports you along your journey—say hello on a video call.

  • 3. Hop on a video call with your provider

    Let’s chat. Your prescribing provider will help determine your treatment plan.

    Every Month

  • 1. Get your medication at your local pharmacy

    If prescribed, you can pick your medication from your local pharmacy each month.

  • 2. Monthly chat with care Manager

    Meet monthly with your Care Manager to discuss progress & learn new skills, like mindfulness.

  • 3. Check in with your provider

    Video chat with your provider to make sure everything is on track.

Patient Testimoials

Adrian D. – Houston, TX 2 months ago

Excellent care! Beginning with the front of the office with Mrs Ashley and continues with Dr Oghale Mokuru. They have given me helpful and hope filled Care! I am very grateful!

Anna B. – Pasadena, TX 2 months ago

Always prompt always there for you and there for you and your problems!

Chris P. – Pasadena, TX 2 months ago

I came to see my options for ADD, I already had in mind some routes that would be given towards making some adjustments and steadied my expectations. That said, my times meeting with Ms. Engineer was greatly helpful and I was in no way did I ever feel like my options were ignored. Dreary front desk will be dreary. But they have a app for that so I didn’t really get to much time with the front desk.

Kate B. – Friendswood, TX 2 months ago

I truly appreciate the care provided by Texas Behavioral Health. Julie Wilcutt and Dr. Tariq are fantastic in their professionalism and empathy. I appreciate everything they have done to help me improve my life. My relationships and overall outlook on life have improved with the help of the tools I have learned here. If you call, you might get put on hold due to the high call volume. However, I always hear back within the day, so you will need to be patient.

Lisa J. – Clearlake, TX 2 months ago

I love that I finally found a place where they listen and care about my concerns and feelings! Everyone is great and attentive. Very easy to get appointments and no wait time!

Lisa O. – Baytown, TX 2 months ago

Miranda Sanchez is professional, knowledgeable, caring and supportive. She is also a great listener! Her friendly demeanor helps me to feel free to open up about issues that cause me concern. I highly recommend Miranda!

Rachel P. – League City, TX 2 months ago

Dr Tariq is a better psychiatrist there. I’m extremely picky, I tend to pick up on body language very easily because I spent my whole life observing it since I can remember. As soon as a provider cuts me off I know they are not listening. When they look at me side eye with a slight smile and slow speech I know they are judging me. Dr Tariq listens and understands more than other providers. What’s most important is he takes everything into consideration when coming up with a medication plan for you. I love the fact that he can provide adequate care without crossing the boundaries of controlled substances – even if it’s just listening and not making any changes. A patient that knows their provider is listening creates a sense of comfort and trust that they are being taken care of. I take my mental health very seriously and I am happy when a provider does the sam

Ruby B. – Houston, TX 2 months ago

The employees here are so awesome and kind. I really was in a bad place and didn’t wanna go but they made me feel comfortable the minute I walked thru the door. I got to the back and Miss Nikita was awesome also.I would rate this as A PLUS! DEFINITELY A 10!!!

Meet your MindNest Care Team

In addition to being licensed prescribers, our providers are well-trained to be empathetic and help clients select the best medication for their specific needs. The MindNest Care Team believes that everyone deserves access to personalized, non-judgmental mental health care.

Faiza Haque PMHNP
Fasiha Haq MD
Jayma Mickler PA-C
Salah Qureshi MD